How To Change Owner Name Of PSTN Landline Number In Nepal

NTC Landline Number: Nepal Telecom is the largest Governmental network Provider in Nepal. Nepal Telecom is also called as NTC in Short. Different Types of Services is provided by Nepal Telecom Since Many Years.

Nepal Telecom Plays major key role in Nepal Telecom industries. Which provides Various types of Services to whole Nepal Like PSTN Landline Service, NTC SIM, CDMA SIM, ADSL Service, Wimax Service, Fiber to the Home Service, 4G LTE service to Whole Nepal, NT Wifi at public Place and EVDO Service.

Almost All the Governmental and Private Orginazation in Nepal are using NTC Landline service or PSTN service to their Office. PSTN Service is so famous in Nepal that you can find it in most of the houses of Nepal. It is used by both Personal and Corporate in Nepal.

Owner name change pic PSTN Nepal Telecom

Why to change owner name of NTC landline number

There are lots of question that once we registered NTC landline Service from Nepal telecom then what is the need to change the owner name. There may be different reason to change the owners name of NTC Landline Number which may varies from person to person. Lets us see what is that conditions.

Case-1: You need to change the owner name of NTC Landline Number if the Registered person of that number is no longer alive even if its your relatives or family person.

Case-2: Lets us suppose you buy a house from someone and he/she have a NTC Landline Number PSTN service available in his/her House. then in this case you have a two option. one is he/she may be transfer his/her number to new palace or if he/she live the NTC Landline Service then you can Transfer that service to your name with the permission of orginal Owner.

Now Without wasting much more times Lets us see How to Change Owner Name of NTC Landline Number

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Necessary things to be done before changing owner name of NTC landline number

  1. All the Previous Due of NTC landline Number Must be Cleared Before Changing the Owners Name.
  2. One should follow all the rules and regulation of Nepal Government and Nepal Telecom.
  3. If any of the due and process left is not done within year then in that case your your name changing service will be Suspended by Nepal Telecom.

Here are the List Of Documents Needed For Name Transfer Of NTC Landline Service For Both Original User And New User are Listed Below.

Required documents of Original user

  1. Person or Company name
  2. PAN Number if NTC Landline Number is Registered under Corporate and Citizenship Number If Registered for Individual.
  3. Fathers name of original owner
  4. Grandfather name of original owner
  5. Spouse name
  6. Phone numbers
  7. 1 PP Size Photo
  8. Left and Right Thumb impression.

Required Documents for New user

  1. His/Her Name or Company Name
  2. PAN Card and Number for Company Registration and Citizenship Number and Citizenship Card For Individual
  3. Father name
  4. Spouse name if Present
  5. Personal phones Number
  6. 1 PP Size Photo
  7. Left and Right Thumb impression

Now after having all these required documents from the both size you both have to visit Nepal Telecom Office and Request for the PSTN Name Transfering form. Fill the Form in the correct orders avoiding mistake (if any mistake arises kindly correct it or re-check it) and submit to the manager of the Nepal Telecom Branch.

After Doing all this process Within One to Two hours Your NTC Landline Number will be Transfer to your name and from the next months you will get the Bills of your landline number in your name.

FAQ ON NTC Landline Service

What happens If We will not pay NTC landline Bills?

If You will not pay NTC landline bills for Three Months Then Nepal Telecom will Stop your Service without notice.

How to Activate NTC Landline Service once Nepal Telecom Stop it?

If you want to Continue with NTC Landline Service then pay Your Left due Nepal Telecom will activate your service within half an hour.

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